The Green-Collar Neighborhood: Indianapolis’ first sustainable community for the next century

Degree Program:
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The Green-Collar Neighborhood looks at a shrinking blue-collar neighborhood supported by surrounding industry and transforms it into a dynamic modern Green-Collar Neighborhood which introduces the production of sustainable agriculture, energy, water and transit into the neighborhood’s traditional block grid.

The neighborhood south of the General Motors Plant has traditionally been a blue-collar neighborhood that supported the industry surrounding it. When the General Motors Plant expanded its facility and added a new parking lot, it destroyed most of the original neighborhood.

Now with the plant closed, there presents an opportunity to restore life into the shrinking neighborhood and reinvent this blue collar neighborhood to give it a new identity. A green collar identity.

Urban Agriculture uses less water and land than traditional agriculture General Motors Plant 1960’s and also reduces the travel distance between where the food was grown and where you consume it. When grown indoors using methods such as hydroponics and aquaponics, it prevents any issues with harmful pesticide runoff .

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