Brookside Oaks: A Transition from Grey to Green

Degree Program:
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Brookside Oaks


The proposed Indy Connect BRT Orange Line will traverse Rural Street through the Near Eastside Neighborhood, stopping at a multi-modal station near Massachusetts Avenue and the CSX rail line. With shifts in industry, this area has dramatically altered through the 20th century. This
proposed redevelopment creates a resilient community with thriving residential and industrial resilient to a changing environment.

The urban design proposal reconnects the neighborhood internally and with its surroundings. It promotes strategies for climate change and natural hazards. Flexible industrial and commercial land uses economically revitalize the area and create demand for housing.

Industrial, commercial, and makers’ space create a diverse employment sector, requiring more diverse housing typologies. Single-family homes are renovated while new apartments and condominiums increase density near the transit station. Mixed-use development supplements housing
and employment to support the transit station. Additional green space enhances quality of life. Morris Square and the Monon-Pogues Run Connector provide recreation space for residents and employees. Shared backyards serve multiple functions for water collection, recreation, and meeting space for residents. The area transforms from its history as a brownfield into a vibrant and resilient community.

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