SoIndy: A University-Community Partnership

Degree Program:
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SoIndy is a 2050 vision plan for a 32-acre site in southern Marion County adjacent to the University of Indianapolis (UIndy). This urban design proposal integrates campus with the surrounding neighborhood, forming a university-community partnership. Sparked by the convergence of Indy Connect’s proposed Bus-Rapid Transit (BRT) Red and Orange Lines, the plan transforms an underused and unconnected area into a rich, active, transit-oriented university community, where students and neighborhood residents enjoy opportunities to live, work, learn, and play—all within
the district. The site is bordered by Shelby Street and Madison Avenue, which form a “wedge” connecting academic, residential, and workplace environments. This area becomes the community’s play component, activating the site.

SoIndy features recreational programming for active lifestyles, leisure activities for relaxation, village amenities to create new regional destinations, and academic programming to integrate the university with the community. When supported and leveraged by UIndy, these new features, activities, and destinations become mutually beneficial and strengthen town and gown relations throughout the community. Developing through the university-community partnership also encourages shared input and involvement between community stakeholders and the institution. Thus,
SoIndy increases UIndy’s involvement within the community, supporting and driving change—strengthening their presence and reputation both locally and nationally. The surrounding community receives needed investments for redevelopment and revitalization, enhancing overall quality of life for neighborhood residents, students, faculty, and staff.

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