South Cresco Key: Transit Oriented Destination

Degree Program:
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South Cresco Key


Welcome to South Cresco Key, Keystone’s most iconic gateway. Located at the intersection of 46th Street and Keystone Avenue, this urban design proposal transforms a site once plagued by high vacancy rates and anonymity into a thriving, diverse, and dynamic urban neighborhood.

Cresco Key focuses pedestrian activity toward interior spaces to promote a vibrant, interactive atmosphere. New anchor institutions meet residents’ and employees’ daily and weekly needs, while also promoting local economic growth. South Cresco provides a variety of housing,
employment, and retail options to ensure neighborhood equity and mitigate transit-oriented gentrification.

Conversations with residents and local leaders identified three guiding principles: Stitch, Share, and Serve. Residents perceive a disconnect between surrounding neighborhoods and identify Fall Creek as a boundary. To address this, the Stitch principal reunites surrounding
neighborhoods and businesses to create identity and strengthen sense of community. The Share and Serve concepts evolved from the Stitch principle and key analysis findings. Sharing expresses need for a dense, transit-oriented neighborhood. Sharing resources, knowledge,
and capital makes South Cresco more successful than private and singular ownership. The Serve principle was a natural progression from Stitch. Serving residents and businesses means providing a range of housing, retail, employment, and recreation opportunities to increase

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