Cresco Key: Transit Oriented Destination

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Cresco Key


In the future, the intersection of 46th Street and Keystone Avenue is home to Cresco Key — a unique and vibrant transit-oriented development within Indianapolis. Taking advantage of surrounding assets such as Broad Ripple, the State Fair, Fall Creek Trail, and Downtown, Cresco Key
focuses pedestrian activity toward interior block spaces.

Cresco’s design relies on a showroom-to-factory concept. Working together, Kevin Martin designed North Cresco (N. of 46th St.) and Kaitlyn Forbes designed South Cresco (S. of 46th St.). Throughout the collaboration, the principles of Stitch, Share, and Serve were explored.

Kevin Martin’s design focuses on pedestrian-oriented urban agriculture that incorporates mixed-use development. Kaitlyn Forbes’s design focuses on family-oriented services and mitigating transit-oriented gentrification, while creating a handshake across Fall Creek.

(Download Project Here)