Hamilton Trails: Suburban Transit Community

Degree Program:
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Hamilton Trails


Public transit has played vital roles in facilitating urban expansion throughout the Indianapolis Metropolitan Region. During the early 1900s, The Midwest Interurban-Rail and local street car systems created complete walkable neighborhoods. After WWII, personal automobiles became
the preferred transit mode. Extensive funding for the federal highway system fueled suburban sprawl and the decline of public transit. The resulting auto-dominated culture has drastically influenced central Indiana’s landscape and environment. Land uses designed for only one transit mode cause numerous safety, congestion, and environmental concerns.

In Indianapolis, the proposed Indy Connect Orange Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) provides opportunities to rethink how people travel and structure development. BRT offers a catalyst for transit-oriented development (TOD) at key nodes along the Keystone Corridor. Each node creates
a community centered on a unique set of goals and objectives.

Hamilton Trails transforms an economically stagnant area at Rangeline Road and East Carmel Drive into a family-focused suburban transit neighborhood. To reduce reliance on person automobiles, the design promotes alternative transit modes through TOD with a neighborhood pedestrian loop. Anchored by the Rangeline Tech Facility, Carmel Care Center, Clay Meadows Elementary School, the Monon Trail, and Kroger, Hamilton Trails develops a vibrant transit community providing all of life’s daily necessities within a ten-minute walk or bike ride.

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