Cole Noble EcoDistrict

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Imagine a walkable transit oriented development in downtown Indianapolis. A 1,500-space public parking structure is an energy center producing enough electricity to charge 5,500 cars every day. A local energy-positive geothermal heating and cooling system reduces building energy use by 40 percent. A net zero waste and water network disguised as a brewery and food district on College Avenue. These concepts come to life in this bold plan for the Cole Noble District.

For the Cole Noble Eco District, sustainability means using best practices to create lasting environmental, economic, and equitable vitality to enhance our quality of life now and to ensure that future generations have an equally good quality of life. The Cole Noble District planning shows how to reach a net-zero CO2e target and become the pilot project for the City of Indianapolis by focusing on five main mitigation strategies: mobility, area lifestyle, energy use, water and wastewater, and solid waste.

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