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This creative project explores redevelopment opportunities in Indianapolis first-ring suburbs. Littered with remnants of outmoded industry and vacant brownfield sites, these first-ring suburbs have abundant acres of opportunity. Coupled with an all-but-abandoned belt railroad, the Indianapolis Belt Railroad corridor provides a physical framework for concentrating development and networking neighborhoods.

Prevalent throughout the United States, first-ring suburbs are struggling to compete with revitalizing downtowns and the endless sprawl of wealthy outer-ring suburbs.
A first-ring suburb renaissance is desperately needed to ignite a renewed sense of pride in these historically vibrant neighborhoods. With roughly 1/5 of the nation’s population living in first-ring suburbs and the geographic proximity to the city core, these neighborhoods need urban design with a vision for sustainable growth.

This urban design project explores best practices for revitalizing first-ring suburbs into mixed-use, transit-oriented developments to conduct innovative sustainable technologies throughout neighborhoods adjacent to the belt railroad.

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